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When mum gets sick, the work continues

When mums get sick, the dishes keep coming in,

The laundry only multplies,

And the feeding goes on.

It is in sickness that despair comes,

Uninvited, it turns a will of steel,

Into crumble of dust.

Nothing like a sickness,

Can remind how human you are.

Help, can anyone hear?

Hear ye, hear ye,

Only the little tots’ screams, the neighbors can hear.

They must be closing their ears by now.

Let the kids fight,

Score more on their screentime,

Let them make a mess.

Take a rest, mum,

Tomorrow, you can wipe the floor,

Today, just wipe away your tears.

The Lord always sees you, that’s certain.

He sees you when no one does,

He counts your eternal reward,

And He knows your heart.

Take a rest, mum.

Today can rest, tomorrow can wait.

Days will come,

That your children will watch you sleep,

and soothe your woes.

For now, you are their strength,

And you can take a rest.