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Review: Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle for only $29

Are you looking for homeschooling resources since the COVID crisis began?

My 4-year-old was beginning to attend kindergarten when the whole lockdown started, and I’ve since been trying to look for good homeschooling resources for her.

Surprisingly, my favorite Ultimate Bundles store will release their own Homeschooling Bundle and it comes with a variety of learning activities for children between kindy-aged and high-schoolers.

What are the contents of the bundle?

The Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle contains 13 eBooks, 8 eCourses, 22 workbooks & printable packs, 5 curricula, 2 membership sites & a summit.

Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle contents

As a preview, here are the categorized contents of the bundle:

  • PRESCHOOL & KINDER (9 products worth $222.49)
    • Alphabet Mini Booklets by Jolanthe Erb (Printable)
    • Creative Littles No Prep Preschool by Laurie Shaw (Workbook)
    • Phonics with Penmanship: A Full Year Preschool Age Curriculum by Misty Leask (Curriculum)
    • And more!
  • ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (11 products worth $197.89)
    • Adventure Homeschooling: Emotional Intelligence for Ages 4-8
    • An Introduction to Logic and Philosophy by Fay Murray (Workbook)
    • Remember the Word: Training Up a Child Bible Memory Verse Bundle by Forget Him Knot
    • And more!
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL(9 products worth $264.54)
    • Big Book of Writing Prompts for Kids: 500 Questions, Story Starters, and Ideas to Get Kids Writing by Sophie Agbonkhese (eBook)
    • Big Ideas through History: Creating Civilization by Melissa Roy (eCourse)
    • And more!
  • HIGH SCHOOL (7 products worth $166.94)
    • History of Plagues & Pandemics by Rachel Newcomb (Workbook)
    • Music Appreciation: Middle Ages Thru Classical Era for High School by Gena Mayo (eCourse)
    • And more!
  • ORGANIZATION (6 products worth $111.95)
    • Autism Mom Planner & Visual Schedule System for Kids by Kori Tomelden (Printable)
    • Flexible Homeschool Planning: A Simpler Method for a Simpler Homeschool by Amy Roberts (eBook)
    • And more!
  • SUPPORT (9 products worth $314.98)
    • 5 Days to Your Best Homeschool Years by Ana Willis (eCourse)
    • Homeschool Help: A Simple Guide To Get You Started by Alison Clark (eBook)
    • And more!

Can I see some of the actual contents?

Yes! I have a few screenshots and images.

ultimate homeschooling bundle

Below image shows a page of the ColorThruHistory pdf:

Below image shows a screenshot of the Weather Bundle for Young Learners:

Upon purchase, you will receive an email that contains the link to the bundle. In the Dashboard, you can access and download each content or all of the package altogether.

How can I purchase the bundle?

The bundle contains 50 pieces of great homeschooling resources that values at total of $1378. But with the promotion, it will only be priced at $29.

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