To homeschool or not to homeschool? The pandemic answers for you

It only seems yesterday when someone asked me, “Will you homeschool your kids? You look like the type who’s into it.” Now for some reasons, she thinks I’m the type who’s into it but honestly I haven’t taken yet a serious look into homeschooling during the time of question. My conviction then was I wanted my kids to attend normal school, experience the highs and lows of school life, and learn within the four walls of the edifice of education. That was my reply and my disposition during the time of question. All the while, it (homeschooling) has always stood at the corner of my mind due to my desire of setting in specific values in my kids’ tender minds, values that I have yet to find in the public system, and if the need arises, I would homeschool my kids because that’s what mothers do. We rise above to meet the needs of these little souls entrusted to us.

Days later, I was taking my eldest to kindergarten three times a week. We successfully did build a routine that brought a certain degree of peace in the home. She learned to wake up at 7 am and sleep 8 in the evening. I walked her to school, and then pick up 5 hours later, all the while tagging my one-and-a-half little boy. They both enjoyed the walks. And coming home, they’d eat lunch, play, read, and watch TV a lil bit.

Then the coronavirus pandemic broke out. All at once, everyone’s home, my husband including and our routine stopped. Started anew is the homeschooling routine, which to be honest only happens at most 30 minutes a day. The house is always messy, laundry and dishes keep piling up, little baby always climbing and throwing things, and our little kindy girl is back to before: no school.

I don’t know how other moms do it. I certainly haven’t got there. It is a struggle to juggle homeschool with homemaking. I’m taking baby steps.

So what I’ve started with are these printables that are floating around the internet, for free.

These religious-themed coloring pages became perfect for our Holy Week lessons. You can download tons of them from StAnnesHelper.com.

Another interesting site I found is PinayHomeshooler.com where I found these short vowel sounds flashcard. I didn’t download and print her blueprints as i ran out of printer ink, so instead, I wrote them myself and pasted a few colored images cut out from books.

Other prints I did:

Now i forgot where I got these cute calendar printables, I will provide the link when I get hold of it again.

To be honest, I’m really lost at how to start this formal homeschool thing. We do read a lot at home, and the kids love books so much. Hopefully, we started right on that department. I’m still searching for curriculums that I can practically put my kid(s) into.

Let’s see what the next few days bring.