what are rogation days

What are Rogation days?

Rogation Days are four days in the Church’s liturgical calendar:

  • Major Rogation: April 25
  • Minor Rogations: the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before Ascension Thursday
what are rogation days

Explanation of Rogation Days from the 1962 Missal

From the 1962 Missal:

Earthquakes and other calamities afflicted the diocese of Vienne in Dauphiny (France) in the 5th century, and St. Mamertus, whonwas bishop of that diocese instituted a penitential procession with public supplications on the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before Ascension Day. In 816, Pope Leo III introduced it into Rome, and soon after it became a general observance throughout the Church.

The Litany of Saints, the Psalms and Prayers sung during the Procession on these days are supplications; hence the name of Rogation Days (rogare = to ask) applied to them. The object of these rogation supplications is to appease the anger of God and avert the scourges of His justice, and to pray for harvest.

A similar function is observed on April 25th on the feast of St. Mark, but this is of Roman origin. It is called the Greater Litanies in contrast to the Lesser Litanies of the Rogation days; but in practice there is no difference between them.

When are the Rogation Days in 2021?

Rogation days in 2021Feast
Apr 25Major Rogation (Also feast of St. Mark, Apostle)
May 10 Mon Minor Rogation
May 11 TueMinor Rogation
May 12 WedMinor Rogation
May 13 ThuAscension Thursday

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