2021-2022 Traditional Catholic Planner based on 1962 Missal

Enrich your vocation with a life of prayer

Our 2021-2022 Traditional Catholic Weekly Planner for Moms wants to help moms cultivate a prayer life amidst the daily hustles of domestic life.

Each month has a devotional theme and is provided with Bible verses, quotes from saints, and prayer guides to help you build a holy interior life while planning meals for the nth time.

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2021-2022 Traditional Catholic Planner

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2021 Traditional Catholic Calendar

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I’m Cathy, a mom of two young kids who make my days busy, happy, and full of purpose! As a hobby/project/”me-time”, I design Traditional Catholic planners and calendars. They are available in Etsy and Amazon.

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Our Traditional Catholic Planner for Moms

Based on the 1962 missal, our 2021-2022 Traditional Catholic Planners for Moms include liturgical feasts and Saints days. It also comes with Meal Planner and Grocery list on the weekly planner pages.

2021-2022 Traditional Catholic Weekly Planner for Mothers

2021-2022 Traditional Catholic Weekly Planner for Mothers (SoftCover | Green Cover)

2021-2022 Traditional Catholic Planner

2021-2022 Traditional Catholic Weekly Planner for Mothers (Pink Cover)

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

- St. Francis of Assisi



Saints who were mothers

Happy feast day! Today is All Saints’ day. If you were like me who thought that all saints belong to a religious order (i.e. priest, nun), it is good to…
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