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Sacramentals for a Catholic home

What are sacramentals? They are specific religious artifacts that once blessed by a priest are means to invoke protection and receive graces from God, both spiritual and temporal graces. If used as part of a prayer, it can remit venial sins.

Sacramentals include rosaries, miraculous medals, Crucifixes, Holy Water, and more. 

Sacramentals are not magic objects used to obtain candy favours from Heaven. It is not used for superstitious practices.

In the case of Blessed Statues, it does not replace what’s or who’s actually being represented by the statues.

  • Latria is the love and adoration we offer to God and to Him alone. Hyperdulia is the love and veneration we offer to the Blessed Virgin Mary, while Dulia are offered to all the saints. 
  • Second, about being superstitious, it is the exact opposite of prayers full of faith.
  • Third, idolizing man-made idols are of the pagans, Catholics kneel and pray to the saint’s figures as they represent who are praying to just as photos represent certain people we know. 

So what should we have in our Catholic home as to provide a base means of protection over those whom God has entrusted to our care?

Here are some of the Sacramentals we must have at home:

Miraculous Medals

The Miraculous Medal given by our Lady to St. Catherine of Laboure. 

Prayer to be said over the Miraculous Medal: 

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!


Even more powerful is the family recite the Rosary every day.

A family that prays the Rosary together stays together.


Every room should have a Crucifix. The Crucifix is the reminder of our salvation, and a reminder to the evil spirits that they were defeated and will be defeated through the Cross. 

Blessed Salt

This is one of Filipinos’ tradition when constructing homes: they pour blessed salt on the foundations of the edifice and on every corner of the lot. Nowadays, people seem to forget that it should be blessed salt, and not just an ordinary salt. 

You can also put it in your food, or scatter in your doorsteps, or carry in your pocket.

Holy water

Used when making the Sign of the Cross, Holy Water is one of the most known sacramentals as they are found in every entrance of our Churches.

Other sacramentals to have at home are blessed chalk and blessed candles (beeswax).

Final thoughts

Ask your local priest how to get hold of these sacramentals. Usually, you can buy the items from your local religious store or you can search online. And then you have them blessed by the priest.

Use these sacramentals along with your morning and evening prayers routine. Use them to bless your children on their birthdays, confirmations, and on a daily basis! Use these sacramentals during crisis. However you use them, always be in a state of grace and be frequenting the Holy Sacraments for it is our faith that makes the sacramentals effective when used.

Deo Gracias.