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Top 10 ways Grammarly can boost your efficiency when writing

A few months ago, I was looking for an application that can check grammar and spelling automatically. I came across a few, tried them, and in the long run, I stuck with Grammarly. As of this writing, I am still using it.. and loving it!

I used only the free version and so far, its loaded features have immensely helped me write posts efficiently and error-free. Whether you’re a student, professional writer, or a blogger, Grammarly can boost your efficiency in so many ways:

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Top 10 ways Grammarly can boost your efficiency when writing

1. There are four ways you can use Grammarly:

Google Chrome extension

You can use Grammarly as an extension in Google Chrome. When used this way, you will get automatic spelling/ grammar checking while writing blog posts on WordPress, posting statuses on Facebook, and anywhere else on the web platform.

Microsoft Office add-on

You can add Grammarly on MS Office. By comparison, Grammarly works far better than the default checker in MS Office!

Desktop application

You can also use Grammarly as a desktop application. Simply go to the website www.grammarly.com and get their installer. You’ll need to create an account to be able to use the app.


Simply go to www.grammarly.com and create your free account, put your content in their editor, and voila, you’ll see the necessary corrections.
Below image shows Grammarly’s user interface, which looks the same for the desktop app and the website version:

grammarly GUI

Grammarly GUI

 2. It catches errors and provides corrections at real-time

Grammarly checks grammar and spelling while you are writing. This means as you type, you can make corrections at the same time. This will save you time and energy rather than proofreading the whole post by the time you are done writing. Talk about writing in the moment!
Below shows an example of Grammarly’s analysis of a content taken from my post How to start a blog from scratch:

3. It explains why it’s wrong

Aside from suggesting corrections, it also explains the error. This adds up to your knowledge in grammar and proofreading skills, ain’t that right? Whether you are a professional writer, blogger, or a student, knowing why your work needs correction simply clarifies doubts and prevents you from committing them in the future.

4. You simply click the suggested correction, and it’s done!

At just a single click, any error becomes gone instantly. It may seem trivial but if you are writing a thesis, book, or a lengthy blog post, this single-click action is very far from being trivial. From the countless tasks you need to do in a day, grammar/spelling checking must not burden you.

5. Double-click a word and you’ll see its synonyms

If you want to change a certain word, you can double-click it and you’ll see its synonyms. No need to google for the next best alternative for a word!

6. It is simple, minimalist, and user-friendly

What hinders us from productive writing are distractions! From social media to noise in the background, distractions are everywhere. And when writing, distractions are the least you need and want (especially if you have limited time writing because life calls!)
This is where Grammarly works best. It functions well, it has loaded features. But it is very simple, it doesn’t give you a lot of fuss. It is minimalist. And it’s very user-friendly.

Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!

7. You don’t need to open another window

If you are using the Google Chrome extension, you don’t need to open another software, application, window, or anything. The corrections are automatically displayed right where you are currently writing.
However, you can take things further by opening another window if you prefer that. That brings me to the next item on this list.

8. It can generate a pop-up window where you can make apply the corrections suggested by Grammarly

When writing posts, you can choose to review your whole post in a pop-up window.
Below you’ll see a pop-up window of Grammarly. On the left side is the menu where you can enable/ disable the mode of corrections.

9. You don’t need to install a WordPress plugin for grammar and spelling checking

Yay! This is good news if you already have a dozen or more plugins installed in your WordPress blog. This saves up space, lessens upgrade notifications, and saves you the installation and activation.

10. It is free!

Of course, the best thing is that it’s free! Need I say more?
If you are working on documents that require extensive proofreading, upgrading to the premium account is a no-brainer. It includes additional vocabulary enhancements, plagiarism detector, and much more.

Final thoughts

For bloggers, Grammarly is an essential tool to make your blog posts credible and professional. It can make your post error-free in a quick and convenient way. With all the blogging tasks that you need to do, grammar/ spelling checking tasks should be breezy easy.
Grab Grammarly now!
Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!

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