Frugal habits for a stay-at-home mum

  1. Budget, budget, budget. Then stick to it!
  2. Savings first, then expenses.
  3. As much as possible, pay off debt as quick as you can.
  4. Save and get your own first home to get our of rent.
  5. Close your credit cards!
  6. Always have a piggy bank in the house. Let those loose coins find a new home.
  7. Shop at thrift stores such as Salvos, Vinnies, and Dimmies.
  8. Use cash envelopes for your payments.
  9. Buy meat at wet markets. Also fruits and veggies.
  10. Watch out for your grocery’s sales catalogue.
  11. Earn rewards points at every purchase.
  12. For kid’s educational toys, buy only a few essentials. The rest, create them out of boxes! Kids don’t need a lot of toys, they need activities.
  13. Send your kindergarten-age kids to your local primary school, not at childcare.
  14. During spring break, roam around suburbs to find old items left on sidewalks. This is common in Australia.
  15. Start growing your own food.
  16. Cut on the gas. Walk if you can. It’s good exercise!
  17. Find cheap fuel around your local area.
  18. Make your own cleaning products. From essential oils!
  19. Go on roadtrips, rather than on flying for holidays.
  20. Water your plants using clean used water.
  21. Live simple. Think simple. Act modest. Don’t try to “keep up”.
  22. Always look around for cheaper rates on electricity and gas. Call energy providers and ask what offers they can give you. They’d love that you call them!
  23. Pay bills on time so as not to miss out on the on-time-pay discounts. That’s around 30%!
  24. Be mindful on your water usage. While waiting for the water to warm up, use a basin to catch those precious water.
  25. Stockup on sale items.
  26. Buy kids’ clothes one size larger. So those winter jackets can still be work the next year.
  27. Invest in a good, durable, high quality winter jacket or coat. This wills ave you from buying a lot of “cheap” coverings that does not protect well.
  28. Laundry once or twice a week. With kids, this is quite unrealistic. But do allocate a hamper for each category of clothing. For example, one hamper for each person in your household, and then another for socks and dirtier pieces of clothing. Only wash when each category has reached 75% or capacity, or much 100%.
  29. Cancel your gym membership, and just buy a treadmill or other equipment. This will help you save you long-term.
  30. If you can, no screen time for the kids and the family. This means, no streaming subscriptions. Instead, read books! Subscribe to your local library or swap books with friends.
  31. Wash your own car. And use the rinsing water for your plants.
  32. Cut and color your own hair. Or let your husband cut your hair. Haircut is so expensive!
  33. Use reusable wash clothes, and less on paper towels.
  34. On some Saturdays, go to your local park and have a picnic. DOn’t go the mall where you always end up spending more.
  35. Turn off lights in unattended rooms in your home.
  36. Unplug appliances that are not being used.
  37. Replace bulbs with LED lights.
  38. After using the bath tub, don’t flush the water right away. Use the water to flush the toilet. Get a good basin for this.
  39. If you have a garden bed, bury your compost waste in there. This makes the soil rich in nutrients and will help you save in fertilizer costs.
  40. Buy a time-based heating system during the winter that sets off after a few hours or so, or a heater that stops generating heat when the sensor detects a specific room temperature is reached.

About Author

Cathy is a busy-bee homemaker who blogs on the side. Introvert, tea-lover, and rigidly frugal, she can wrap you words as long as her little tots are sleeping and not all over her just yet.