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2024 Traditional Catholic Calendar

Based on the 1962 missal, this printable calendar lists the feasts and holydays in 2024

Traditional catholic calendar 2024 printable

10 Commandments

Based on the book ‘Chats with God’s Little Ones‘ by Margaret Mary Myers, this 10 Commandments are simplified for the purpose of teaching kids in an easier way.


Your Family's Rule of Life

Inspired by the book ‘A Mother’s Rule of Life‘ by Holly Pierlot , I created this design for my family and could be for yours too.


Family Coloring Pages

Download these 3 free coloring printables of the Holy Family, a typical family, and the quote ‘A family that prays together stays together.’



incy wincy spider piano music sheet chords

Incy Wincy Spider piano chords

row your boat piano music sheet chords

Row your boat piano chords

happy birthday piano chords​

Happy birthday piano chords

Baby Jesus piano chords

Baby Jesus piano chords

Silent Night piano chords

Silent Night piano chords


I kNow My Phone Number kids printable

This is my Phone Number printable for kids

Teach your kids to write and memorize your contact number and your local emergency hotline.

This printable includes an image of a cellphone where the kids can pretend to type in the number. 

Our kids enjoy this activity a lot!

I know my Home Address kids printable

This is my Home Address printable for kids​

Toddlers learn the idea of having a home and where that home is located.

With this printable, you can teach them that their home has a specific address according to its location: country, up to the street level.

Prayer Cards


Morning Prayers

Taken from the Christian Warfare book, this collection of Morning Prayers come in PDF. 

You can print in A4 or half-size for your convenience.

morning prayers christian warfare

Morning Prayers cont'd

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    "When a child is given to his parents, a crown is made for that child in Heaven, and woe to the parents who raise a child without consciousness of that eternal crown!”

    - Fulton Sheen, Life Worth Living