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Ember Days in 2022 according to the Traditional Catholic calendar

Last year, we wrote about what Ember days mean in the Catholic Church. In this post, we will list the Ember days in the year 2022.

What are the Ember Days in 2022?

Dec 15, 2021Ember Day (Winter Wednesday) – Wednesday following St. Lucy’s feast (Dec 13)
Dec 17, 2021Ember Day (Winter Friday)
Dec 18, 2021Ember Day (Winter Saturday
Mar 9, 2022Ember Day (Spring Wednesday) – Wednesday following the first Sunday in Lent
Mar 11, 2022Ember Day (Spring Friday) –
Mar 12, 2022Ember Day (Spring Saturday)
June 8, 2022Ember Day (Summer Wednesday) – Wednesday following the Pentecost
June 10, 2022Ember Day (Summer Friday)
June 11, 2022Ember Day (Summer Saturday)
Sep 21, 2022 Ember Day (Michaelmas) – Wednesday after the Exaltation of the Cross (Sep 14)
Sep 23, 2022Ember Day (Autumn Friday)
Sep 24, 2022Ember Day (Autumn Saturday)
Dec 14, 2022Ember Day (Winter Wednesday) – Wednesday following St. Lucy’s feast (Dec 13)
Dec 16, 2022Ember Day (Winter Friday)
Dec 17, 2022Ember Day (Winter Friday)

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