Hey there! I’m Cathy and I’m so glad you’ve stumbled on my blog, which is about my ups and downs in the journey of motherhood and parenting, my traditional Catholic faith, and my love for writing.

I used to work as a writer in the IT industry. I am now a full-time homemaker and a tea-lover on the side. Coffee makes me palpitate.

My husband and I came from the Philippines, lived a few years in Singapore. And in 2017 moved to Melbourne, which we have grown to love and enjoy. I can’t wait to tell you our stories about this carefree piece of land in the land down under.

About this blog

First disclaimer: This is a momblog but I’m not a supermom.

I’m not a supermomblogger either. I’m just a mom who tries to do her best every day. There are days when my energy is sky-high and I can accomplish many things like doing homeschool-ish, baking, and making my home squeaky clean. Then there are days that I struggle and settle with doing just the bare minimum.

And that’s alright. That’s the reality. Mom life is hard.

That is why I created this blog because I want to write my journey in motherhood. And I also write reviews on books I’ve read about parenting, particularly Catholic parenting. One of my favorite authors is Mary Reed Newland whom I think is the original supermomblogger!

Then later on, I began writing my research-based findings (read: research=Google) on how to be a better parent. After all those ‘findings’, I’ve come to realize that there is no such thing as a perfect formula to optimum child development other than the grace of God.

I’ve looked far and wide only to find myself in the beginning, which is my Catholic faith. The Church has a rich resource of parenting strategies and help. And these are the Holy Mass, the Sacraments, the Rosary, and our mental prayers.

Such heavy words, right?

But that’s the truth. The truth never changes. What was true million years ago when our first parents were created in The Garden is still true today.

And one of the truths in life is that God wants your soul to be in Heaven.

As parents, we have a more terrible duty. And that is to lead our children to Heaven as well.

As if saving our own soul is easy enough!

Thanks for reading

I do hope you’ll stay on my blog for a while and let’s find out the elusive answers to the most common questions asked by parents, particularly millennial parents. How to parent as a Catholic in this millennial age?

Thanks for reading friends! I hope you will learn a thing or two from my blog.

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