Our Story

Hello there! Welcome! 

This is a blog about raising Catholic children in this crazy millennial age. From creating curriculums to baking cookies, I hope to design activities for my kids that center around the Catholic themes. By doing so, hopefully these will arouse love of faith and God in my children. And I will share it through this blog.

About me? I am Cathy, a wife and full-time mom of two young kids. My husband and I came from Philippines and we now live in Melbourne, Australia. 

I called this blog RaisingHearts.com when I was in the midst of yet another cycle of motherhood woes and doubts. One fateful day, I just decided to stop focusing too much on the physical welfare of my picky eater and non-sleeper-through-the-night kids. I’ve let on the ‘perfect’ mom wannabe in me for too long that I haven’t even started on teaching them how to pray. I realised I must start and probably focus more on my spiritual tasks as a mom. Thus the start of this blog.

Stay for awhile and let me know your stories too. 

Let’s blog away before the baby wakes up

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