Hello there! Welcome to my little comfort zone where I write when the little ones nap.

Our story

Raising Hearts

Welcome! This blog is about raising Catholic children in this crazy millennial age. We also offer Traditional Catholic calendars and planners for moms.

How raisinghearts.com started

I started this blog as my “therapy” zone during my early stages of motherhood. 

As a young mom with a toddler and pregnant with baby number two, my days were overwhelming. In addition to that, we just moved to a new country, away from our our immediate family and friends.  

Later on, I was moved to let go of the sterile and mess-free perfection that the world wants you to believe about raising children. And I realized that the spiritual aspect of motherhood is most important!

Thus, the name of this blog surfaced on my mind: Raising Hearts, which for me means raising children in the spiritual sense and not just in terms of the material aspect of their wellbeing. After all, God has called us unto perfection, and this must mean perfect hearts and not the mere perfection of external piety.

 “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” Matthew 5:48

While having a perfectly clean home is a salutary aim, having a heart that is free from bitterness is of most noble importance. And where else to find healing in the wounds of our own hearts but through the most perfect hearts raised on the face of earth, The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary

This blog is also dedicated to Saint Martha that she may help us know and see the most important things on top of the pile of dishes and laundry!



Our line of Traditional Catholic Planners and Calendars 

Along the way of learning motherhood, I learned the art of planning. 

Writing down plans has immensely helped me in organizing the chaos that’s going on in my mind every day. Setting appointments, planning meals, and scheduling the next mowing. There’s just so many things to remember and that’s just on top of the daily motions in the domestic life of a growing family. 

As a result, I decided to create my own calendars and planners, especially with Saints feasts and Holydays so that I can teach my children about the liturgical seasons of the Catholic Church based on the 1962 missal of the Latin Mass. 

I wanted to customize my own layouts to suit my needs. I enjoyed my new-found hobby and decided to sell my creations on Etsy and Amazon. And that is how my shops found existence.


Thank you for dropping by

Hope you stay for a while moms, and let me hear your stories too!

Let me say this beautiful and favorite prayer of mine for you and please pray for me too:

Ave maria, gratia plena

Dominus ticum

Benedicta tui in mulieribus

Et benedictus fructus ventris tui Jesus.

Santa Maria, Mater Dei

Ora pro nobis

Peccatoribus nunc et in hora

mortis nostrae Amen


Our Traditional Catholic Planner for Moms

Based on the 1962 missal, our 2021-2022 Traditional Catholic Planners for Moms include liturgical feasts and Saints days. It also comes with Meal Planner and Grocery list on the weekly planner pages.

2021-2022 Traditional Catholic Weekly Planner for Mothers

2021-2022 Traditional Catholic Weekly Planner for Mothers (SoftCover | 8 x 10)

2021-2022 Traditional Catholic Planner

2021-2022 Traditional Catholic Weekly Planner for Mothers (Pink Cover | 8 x 10)

traditional catholic homeschooling planner

2021-2022 Academic Planner | Classroom Homeschool Organizer | 8.5 x 11 size

Whatever you do, think of the Glory of God as your main goal.

John Bosco