2023 Traditional Catholic Planner

Our 2023 Traditional Catholic Planner: New and exciting features

Downton Abbey, it always occupied my mind when I design the 2023 Traditional Catholic Planner.

And it is also one of the things that got me through to my first trimester of my current pregnancy. Oh first trimester. Your body is always exhausted growing another life inside of you. I’ve stopped making grand plans such as mopping the floor and decided to doing just the bare minimum of things which easily makes me lose breathe. Thank goodness for Downton Abbey to soothe my nausea and vomiting. It is such a great series! It gives you a glimpse of the beautiful old times not too long ago, which by the way Traditional Catholics are not in want of understanding. And with the grace of God, we still have. To be specific, we still have the Traditional Latin Mass, unknown to the modern pagan world but what we still go to. 

Whether you live on a mansion or a stable, someone must run the house. And the hands that do that can make it a home for those sheltered in it.  Every time Carson or Mrs. Patmore writes notes and letters to the staff, I am reminded of all the intense planning that household tasks entail. And I am also reminded why I started designing planners. There were just too many appointments to remember and meals to plan, amidst the sleepless nights with a newborn baby and a toddler. Fast forward to it now, it has turned into a business. I daresay not that it is a big one, but it is something that has done good to my mombrain (and given me another sleepless nights thinking on how to design them!)

It all started during the pandemic so I’ve been doing my planner business for almost 3 years now: 2020, 2021, 2022. I have enjoyed the creation process. But the business/ marketing side was most challenging. Navigating through social media, Amazon, and product marketing takes significant amount of time which I cannot afford at the moment. I am reminded that it is only through God that I must entrust the whatever this business leads to.

Cost of paper have gone up. Adobe, my design software, is not forgiving either to bill me even on months when I am not using it. And I still rely on a US-based supplier to produce the prints (I live in Australia). In spite of all these, I have always wanted to make the planners accessible to anyone who wants to own it. So I’ve made the price hopefully reasonable for you who wants to buy it and for me to keep continuing this small business. 

I am warmed by reviews saying that they appreciate the planners and it has helped them. Some has said ‘I hope it will be continued for the coming years’. And yes I intend to do that. 

So for this coming year 2023, let me present to you the 2023 Traditional Catholic Planner. Hope you’ll like them!

Contents of 2023 Traditional Catholic Planner

We have two binding options for the 2023 Traditional Catholic Planner: Spiral and Paperback. Aside from the external and material aspects, the text contents inside the planners are exactly the same.


  • 2023 Calendar
  • Important Dates
  • My Rule of Life
  • Morning and Evening prayers
  • –Planning pages (recurring Jan – Dec 2023)
  • -Monthly Plan
  • -Monthly Goals and To-dos
  • -Monthly Calendar
  • -Weekly Planning Pages (With Hours)
  • Online Logins
  • Reading Log
  • Holiday Planner
  • 2024 Planning
  • Notes pages Throughout


BindingLayoutDimensionsCover Special FeaturesWhere to buy
SpiralVertical 7 x 9 inOffers one cover design Monthly Tabs
Paper Pocket
Coil colors: Gold, Silver, Black, White
Website Shop
Horizontal7 x 9 inOffers one cover design Monthly Tabs
Paper Pocket
Coil colors: Silver, Black, White
Website Shop
PaperbackVertical7 x 9 inOffers 5 cover designsCheaper option from the spiral plannersAmazon
Horizontal7 x 9 in
Offers 3 cover designs Cheaper option from the spiral plannersAmazon
8.5 x 11 inOffers 2 cover designsCheaper option from the spiral plannersAmazon

Notes on shipping and delivery

  • All Orders are processed within 1-3 business days. Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays.


  • Horizontal and Vertical Weekly Layouts
  • Dated monthly, weekly spreads
  • Note pages throughout
  • Trackers for Confession, Communion, Spiritual Reading and more

Spiral Bound option

The spiral bound option of the planner comes in 2 designs: one for the Vertical layout and one for the Horizontal layout.


  • 7″ x 9”
  • 12 Monthly Tabs: Jan 2023 – Dec 2023
  • 200 pages premium paper
  • Spiral binding – Coil colors: Gold, Silver, Black, White
  • Paper pocket 
  • With frosted thick plastic cover on the front & back for protection
  • Printed in the US
  • Specially made in small batches with love and care
traditional catholic planner 2023
Vertical (with Hours) Layout on Weekly 2-page spread
traditional catholic planner 2023
Horizontal Weekly Layout on left-side page (with Meal Planner and Prompts on the opposite page)

Take a look inside the spiral planner

Paperback option

The paperback version of the 2023 Traditional Catholic Planner are all available on Amazon. It is a cheaper option to the spiral bound planner which is produced in small batches thus the high cost.

The paperback planners have exactly the same text contents inside as the spiral version. And they also come in two weekly layouts: Horizontal and Vertical.

The soft cover has a matte texture and the interior paper is 60gsm white.

TIP: You can convert the paperback planners into a spiral through your local office shop. At the same time, you can have the cover laminated to provide protection for the design and the whole notebook itself. Some customers have done this and it works!

5 Cover designs of the Paperback Planners in Horizontal Weekly layout

5 Cover designs of the Paperback Planners in Vertical Weekly layout

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