2021 Traditional Catholic Calendar Feasts

2021 Traditional Catholic Calendar feasts

Below is a list of the Traditional Catholic liturgical feasts for 2021 according to the 1962 missal. You can also download a PDF of this list from our blog.

Traditional Catholic Calendar 2021
Nov 29             1st Sunday of Advent
Dec 25             Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ
Jan 1                Circumcision
Jan 3                Holy Name of Jesus
Jan 6                Epiphany
Jan 10              1st Sunday after Epiphany, Feast of the Holy Family
Jan 13              Baptism of our Lord
Jan 17              2nd Sunday after Epiphany
Jan 31              Septuagesima
Feb 7               Sexagesima Sunday
Feb 14             Quinquagesima
Feb 17             Ash Wednesday
Feb 24             Ember Wednesday of Lent
Feb 26             Ember Friday of Lent
Feb 27             Ember Saturday of Lent
Mar 28         Palm Sunday
Mar 31         Spy Wednesday
Apr 1               Maundy Thursday
Apr 2               Good Friday
Apr 4               Easter Sunday
Apr 25             Major Rogation
May 10 Mon                Minor Rogation
May 11 Tue                 Minor Rogation
May 12 Wed               Minor Rogation
May 13 Thu                 Ascension Thursday
May 26            Ember Wednesday of Pentecost
May 28            Ember Friday of Pentecost
May 29            Ember Saturday of Pentecost
May 23            Pentecost also called Whitsunday
Jun 3                Corpus Christi
Aug 6               Transfiguration
Sep 14 Exaltation of the Holy Cross
Sep 22             Ember Wednesday of Michaelmas
Sep 24             Ember Friday of Michaelmas
Sep 25             Ember Saturday of Michaelmas
Oct 31                  Christ the King
Nov 1                All Saints’ Day
Nov 2                All Souls’ Day
Nov 21                         Last Sunday after Pentecost
Nov 28                         1st Sunday of Advent
Dec 5                           2nd Sunday of Advent
Dec 12                         3rd Sunday of Advent
Dec 15                         Ember Wednesday of Advent
Dec 17                         Ember Friday of Advent
Dec 18                         Ember Saturday of Advent
Dec 19                         4th Sunday of Advent
Dec 25                         Friday – Christmas

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