2021 2022 traditional catholic planner paperback

2021-2022 Traditional Catholic Planners for Moms: Plan your spiritual life and family meals in ONE beautiful planner

Finally, our Traditional Catholic Planners for Moms for the year 2021-2022 are now available. It comes in four cover designs with floral elements. Consisting of 200+ pages, it is very light and compact. We offer a size of 8 x 10 so you can have a generous space for writing.

A little history of our Traditional Catholic Planners

As a little background, I came up with this planner a year ago when the pandemic started. I was actually looking for a Traditional Catholic calendar with feasts and Saints dates based on the 1962 missal. Because of the lockdown in our state (we’re in Australia), I turned online to search for one. Lo and behold, the shipping fees would cost me more than the product itself. So I decided to create one myself using Canva.

I tried to learn the annual cycle of the liturgical season. I learned about Ember Days and its rich history and significance in the Church history. I learned about non-moveable feasts and the Church’s seasons.

The 1962 Missals themselves are rich source of information and stories about the fullness and wealth of our faith. It is truly an eye-opening experience. From this experience, one can truly realize how the deposit of truth and grace has been passed on to from generations to generations, and should continue to do so! The Catholic faith itself is a field of study that can take even a lifetime to explore all its areas. Scholars and theologians, and of course the Saints, abound to attest its fullness.

Having created the calendars and planners, I decided to sell them on Etsy. I looked at our statue of Our Lady of Fatima and asked for her blessings in my new endeavour. And she did gave her blessings!

If you have one of my planners in your hand, know that it was created with so much love and effort, and with blessings invoked from Our Lady of Fatima.

Contents of the Traditional Catholic Planner for Moms

The main features of the Traditional Catholic Planner for Moms are designed with moms in mind. It is a 18-month planner starting from June 2021 and ends on December 2022.

Combining the aspects of spiritual motherhood and the natural tasks of this specific state of life, this planner comes with the following:

♥ Catholic Church’s traditional feasts based on 1962 missal calendar: Liturgical seasons, Ember days, Advent, Saints of the day and more

♥ 2021 – 2022 Year at a glance

♥ Monthly Calendars completely marked with liturgical feasts and saints days

♥ Monthly theme based on traditional liturgical feasts: Month of the Sacred Heart, Month of the Immaculate Concepcion, etc.

♥ Weekly Planner in Horizontal layout

♥ Monthly Goals Planner in 4 simple categories: Important, Necessary, Useful, and Pleasant

♥ Bible Verses and Quotes from the Saints (at the beginning of each month)

♥ Meal Planners and Grocery list pages

♥ Tracker icons for: St. Therese’s Sacrifice Beads: “Remember that nothing is too small or too big in the eyes of God. Do all with love.”

♥  Tracker icons for St. Padre Pio’s 5 points for spiritual growth: Communion, Confession, Meditation, Spiritual Reading, and Prayers

♥ Prayer Guides for Husband, Children, and more

Inside pages of the Catholic Planner

Attractive Cover designs of the Moms Planner

The Planner comes in 2 cover designs with floral elements.

2021-2022 Traditional Catholic Weekly Planner for Mothers
2021-2022 Traditional Catholic Weekly Planner for Mothers

Other Traditional Catholic Planners

We also offer other Traditional Catholic Planners designed not just for moms. It comes in different designs but with the same interior pages.

This line of planner is a little bit different with the Moms Planner. Instead of a Meal Planner and Grocery list, the weekly planner pages come with a Goal Tracker in four categories: Important, Necessary, Useful, and Pleasant.

Some of the covers are shown below.

traditional catholic planner 2022
traditional catholic planner 2022

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